Salbutamol Antibody, Agarose(ICP1265 )

Affinity chromatography purification, enrichment, and solid phase extraction of Salbutamol
Binding Capacity:
>100 nmole/mL of the antibody-agarose
1 mL in 2 mL PBS with 70% glycerol
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  • Product Description

    Salbutamol, is a drug used as a feed additive to promote leanness in animals raised for their meat. Pharmacologically, it is a beta-adrenoceptor agonist used as growth promotion. The Salbutamol antibody agarose is useful and highly efficient for affinity isolation, purification and enrichment of Salbutamol from complex analytical samples.
  • Storage & Stability

    Product is stable for 30 days at room temperature. For extended storage, store the product at -20°C. Expiration date is one year from date of shipping if stored properly.

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