Histone H4 Antibody(ICP5012)

ELISA (0.25 - 1.0 µg/mL); WB (0.25 - 1.0 µg/mL); IP
The antibody recognizes histone H4 from human, bovine, rat, mouse and rabbit. It does not cross react with histone H1, H2 or H3.
Human histone H4 C-terminal peptide-KLH conjugate
250 µg/mL in TBS, 50% glycerol, 0.01% NaN3
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  • Product Description

    The affinity purified rabbit anti-histone H4 antibody is developed against the C-terminal peptide of human histone H4.
  • Scientific Description

    Histone are the main proteins of chromatin, acting as spools around which DNA winds. Histones are also involved in gene regulation. One of the five histone proteins is called histone H4. It consists of a main globular domain and a long N-terminal tail. It is involved with the "beads on a string" structure of the nucleosome.
  • Storage & Stability

    Product is stable for several weeks at 4°C. For extended storage, store product at –20ºC. Expiration date is one year from date of shipping if properly stored.

  • Product Specific References

    1. Stein, G. S. “Histones and other basic nuclear proteins”. 1989, CRC.
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