Ochratoxin A Antibody, Agarose(ICP1220)

Rapid isolation and purification of peptides or proteins with acetylated lysine residues from cell lysate or protease-digested mixtures
The antibody selectively captures peptides and proteins with acetylated lysine residues (N-epsilon). There are no cross reactions with methylated proteins or mono- and dimethylated proteins.
Binding Capacity:
Approximately 0.2 mg of acetylated histone/mL
1 mL beaded agarose suspended in 2 mL 70% glycerol
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  • Product Description

    The Ochratoxin A (OA) antibody is affinity purified by an OA-linked affinity matrix and is immobilized to beaded agarose via amide linkages. The product could be utilized as an affinity matrix for rapid isolation, purification and enrichment of OA in a complex sample.
  • Specificity

  • Applications

  • Scientific Description

    Ochratoxin A, a toxin produced by Aspergillus ochraceus, Aspergillus carbonarius and Penicillium verrucosum is one of the most abundant food-contaminating mycotoxins. The Ochratoxin A antibody agarose is useful matrix for affinity extraction and enrichment of OA from complex analytical samples.

  • Antibody Immobilized

    20 mg/mL, antibody is covalently linked to agarose beads via stable chemical bonds

  • Storage & Stability

    Product is stable for 30 days at room temperature. For extended storage, store the product at -20°C. Expiration date is 12 months from date of shipping if stored properly.

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