Scientists report for the first time that histones can be modified via acetylation in Archaea in the Journal of Proteomics

January 11th, 2023

In the Journal of Proteomics, researchers were able to detect the presence of acetylated lysines through the use of ImmuneChem’s Acetyl Lysine Antibody(ICP0380)

Figure 1. Immunodetection of acetylated lysines from proteins extracted from T. gamma cells by Western Blot. In Lanes 1-3, ImmuneChem’s polyclonal Acetyl Lysine Antibody (ICP0380) was use at 1:1000 dilution. The bands seen span a wide mass range, indication extensive variety of lysine acetylation occurring.


T. gammatolerans EJ3 was grown under anaerobic conditions and harvested at a cell density of 8-9×10^7 cells/ml. Four samples were prepared by resuspending the cells in lysis buffer and disrupting them via sonification. The protein lysates were resolved via SDS-PAGE and transferred on a membrane via a Mini-Transblot. The acetylated lysines were detected using ImmuneChem’s polyclonal Acetyl Lysine Antibody (ICP0380) at dilution 1:1000. Conjugated anti-rabbit IgG-HRP was then added and incubated for 1 hour and detection was done with a Hype processor developing apparatus with 45 s exposure.

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