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January 10th, 2023

Here are some recent publications that have utilized ImmuneChem’s products to attain the best results:


Acetyl Lysine Antibody, Agarose – ICP0388

In the journal of Science Advances, researchers enriched acetylated peptides using ImmuneChem’s Acetyl Lysine Antibody, Agarose (ICP0388). The supernatant was mixed with agarose beads for 3 hours at 4°C. then centrifuged at 2,000g. They were then washed and the peptides eluded and concentrated. LC-MS/MS was then performed on the peptides.


In the journal of Nature Microbiology, researchers determined the Acetylation of Rubicon using immunoprecipitation assays. ImmuneChem’s Acetyl Lysine Antibody, Agarose (ICP0388) was used to show the total amount of acetylated lysine in Mcu^fl/fl and Mcu^Δmye Bone Marrow Derived Macrophages challenged with or without L. monocytogenes (MOI = 10).


Biotin Antibody, Agarose – ICP0615

In the journal of Developmental Cell, researchers performed a TurboID Proximity Labeling Experiment to test whether Rtn3L and Rab9a are in close proximity to each other. HELA cells were transfected with TurboID constructs and treated with biotin. ImmuneChem’s Biotin Antibody, Agarose (ICP0615) was used to pull down biotinylated proteins which were then analyzed on a western blot.


In the journal of Cell Chemical Biology, researchers enriched biotinylated proteins using ImmuneChem’s Biotin Antibody, Agarose (ICP0615) through the TurboID proximity labelling method.


Methylated Lysine Antibody, HRP – ICP0501

In the journal of Science Advances, ImmuneChem’s Methylated Lysine Antibody, HRP (ICP0501) was used during Western blot analysis to reveal the level of BRD4 (transcriptional regulator) methylation in chromatin in the presence of SET6.


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