ImmuneChem’s ICP0615 detects biotinylated tyrosines on Tau and tubulin-associated proteins

February 1st, 2023

ImmuneChem’s Biotin Antibody, Agarose (ICP0615) allowed for the “direct detection of >600 distinct biotinylated tyrosine residues on Tau- and tubulin-associated proteins” (Tara et al., 2022) using the antibiotin purification strategy. These biotinylation sites revealed Tau-interacting proteins at both subcellular and amino acid levels.

Figure 3. A) Workflow used to enrich and identify biotinylated peptides following antibiotin pulldown of proteins biotinylated by APEX Tau. B) Venn analysis of the biotinylated tyrosines on peptides detected in human neurons expressing N-APEX Tau (n = 7 cultures), C-APEX Tau (n = 9 cultures), or APEX-α tubulin (n = 12 cultures).

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