ImmuneChem’s ICP0388 allowed for the immunoprecipitation of acetylated peptides in cardiac proteins

February 1st, 2023

ImmuneChem’s Acetyl Lysine Antibody, Agarose (ICP0388) allowed for the immunoprecipitation of acetylated peptides. Immunoblotting of cardiac proteins using these “acetylated lysine antibodies revealed a ≈1.5-fold (P=0.001) increase in the hearts of Non-Tg-DOX treated mice compared with saline controls (Figure 1A and 1B).” (Mateusz et al., 2022)

Figure 1The cardiac mitochondrial acetylome is involved in metabolic processes. A) Representative image of acetylated lysine Western blot from total cardiac lysates. B) Optical density quantification of Lys-Acetyl blot relative to tubulin (n=6–10, females).


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