Biotin Antibody Agarose(ICP0615)

IP; Immunoaffinity chromatography;
1 mL beads in 2 mL slurry with 50% glycerol
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  • Product Description

    The biotin antibody is developed using biotin-KLH conjugate and purified with biotin-agarose affinity chromatography. The purified biotin antibody is chemically linked to beaded agarose through a stable covalent linkage. The biotin antibody-agarose can be utilized for reversible immunoprecipitation and affinity purification of biotinylated proteins/peptides.
  • Scientific Description

    Biotin is a vitamin, which binds strongly and irreversibly to avidin. Biotin is commonly used for labelling reagents. Anti-biotin antibody binds to biotin strongly but reversibly, the binding of the biotinylated species could be competitively eluted with free biotin.

  • Antibody Immobilized

    10 mg/mL agarose

  • Storage & Stability

    Product is stable for several weeks at 4°C. For extended storage, store product at –20ºC. Shake throughly before use. Expiration date is one year from date of shipping if properly stored.

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