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Trimethyl Lysine Antibody, Biotin

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ICP0605 100 μg $375.00


Product Description
This rabbit polyclonal antibody is raised with a chemically methylated protein antigen. The specific anti-tri-methyl-lysine antibody was affinity purified with trimethylated lysine antibodies and affinity adsorbed with N-(epsilon) mono- and di-methylated lysine. The purified anti-trimethyl-lysine antibody was labelled with dbiotin. The antibody could be utilized for detection and localization of proteins with N-trimethylated lysine residues.
Western blot analysis of trimethylated protein from human melanoma cells (MMRU) with the trimethyl lysine antibody. The signal could be aborted with the presence of free trimethyl lysine (right panel)
250 µg/mL in PBS with 50% glycerol
Methylated KLH conjugates
The antibody was purified on N (epsilon) tri-methyl lysine agarose and absorbed by mono- and di-methyl lysine.
dBiotin-NHS ester; Biotin/Ab molar ratio - >20:1
The antibody recognizes proteins with trimethylation on their lysine residues (N-epsilon). There are no cross reactions with acetylated proteins or mono- and di-methylated proteins.
Species Tested
Human and mouse
Scientific Description
Trimethylation of the epsilon amino group of lysine residues in proteins is one of the most important events of post-translational modification.
Storage & Stability
Product is stable for several weeks at 4°C. For extended storage, store product at -20°C.  Expiration date is one year from date of shipping if stored properly.