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GAPDH Antibody

Catalog # Pack Size Price(USD)
CN0875 200 µg $295.00


Product Description
This anti-GADPH antibody is developed using a peptide derived from human GADPH protein.
Western blot analysis of Jurkat cell lysate with CN0875
500μg/mL in PBS with 50% glycerol
C-terminal peptide derived from human GADPH conjugated to KLH
Antigen-specific affinity chromatography
The antibody recognizes the 37 kDa GADPH protein as a single band.
ELISA (1:2500); WB (1:1000)
Scientific Description
Glyceraldehyde 3-phosphate dehydrogenase (GAPDH) is an enzyme that catalyzes the sixth step of glycolysis and thus serves to break down glucose for energy and carbon molecules. The GAPDH gene is often stably and constitutively expressed at high levels in most tissues and cells. For this reason, GAPDH is commonly used by biological researchers as a loading control for Western blotting.
Storage & Stability
Product is stable for several weeks at 4°C. For extended storage,  store product at –20ºC.  Expiration date is one year from date of shipping if properly stored.

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