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ICP0388 - Anti Acetylated Lysine, Agarose

Immunechem Pharmaceuticals is devoted to enhance the quality of our products. We have recently invented a proprietary technology to prepare anti-acetylated lysine antibodies onto Agarose beads in high density to upgrade the product of ICP0388 (Lot # 052015).

1. The antibody concentration as per mL of the beads has been upgraded from 4 mg to 10 mg /mL.

2. The binding capacity for the acetylated species has upgraded from 0.2 mg to 0.5 - 1.0 mg of acetylated histone/mL. 

3. The enrichment efficiency is much higher as per beta tests.


Price Change

ICP0388 is now offered in a 5mg pack size at $895.00 USD. The previous batches were offered in a 2mg pack size at $525.00 USD. The new batch is  more cost effective and provides better performance.

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