Covid-19 Safety Plan for ImmuneChem Pharmaaceuticals Inc.


This COVID-19 safety plan is our business’ step-by-step response to increase awareness novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) and our implemented protocols to eliminate person-to-person transmission.

Our business is committed to following the steps outlined in each of the 6 areas mandated by WorkSafe BC and the official Public Health Order. Our plan outlines are protocols and our usage of PPE.


Risks in Our Workplace

We have worked extensively with our staff and identified the following risk areas in out workplace. We have assessed both physical proximity issues and surface contamination issues.

We have identified the following areas where people gather as places where a distance of 2 meters is difficult to maintain:


  • ·         Computer desks
  • ·         Lab workbenches
  • ·         Centrifuge room


We have identified the following equipment/locations are high touch surfaces that must be subject to regular cleaning protocols:

  • ·         Scales
  • ·         Centrifuge panels
  • ·         Equipment knobs
  • ·         Lab workbenches
  • ·         Fridge/Freezer handles
  • ·         Sink area cabinet handles
  • ·         Light switches
  • ·         Door handles
  • ·         Microwave
  • ·         Kettle


 Our staffing protocols have changed as follows:

  • ·         As we are a samll laboratory with on-site research and development requirements, our staff need to work at our physical location.
  • ·        We require staff to declare that they will not come to work if they have had symptoms of COVID-19 in the 10 days prior to their shift. Should staff experience symptoms of COVID-19, they are required to contact Public Health at 8-1-1 and self-isolate and/or have a COVID-19 test if required.
  • ·        Staff are also required to not come to work if they have had a close exposure to a person diagnosed with COVID-19 or if they are directed by Public Health to self-isolate.
  • ·        Anyone who is returning to our workplace after travelling must self-isolate for 14 days and monitor themselves for symptoms before they can return to work.
  • ·        Staff must wash their hands upon arrival to work and upon returns from any breaks.
  • ·        No visitors are allowed in the laboratory without an appointment and acknowledgement of our COVID-19 safety plan protocols.
  • ·        Delivery drivers may pick up and drop off packages within the stairwell corridor without entering the laboratory.
  • ·        A signage is posted at the main entrance indicating who is restricted from entering the laboratory, including visitors and staff.


We are committed to Ongoing Training

Our goal with our training is to ensure that our staff are aware and following our COVID-19 safety procedures.

Our training covers:

  • ·        Follow staffing protocols
  • ·        Hand washing
  • ·        Daily sanitation and cleaning processes
  • ·        Keep physical distancing at least 2 meters
  • ·        Wearing masks


Cleaning and hygiene practices in response to COVID-19

Hand-washing: We have installed hand-washing signage at all sinks that demonstrates proper hand-washing technique. Staff are required to perform regular hand washing with technique according to signage after the following:

  • ·        Before and after breaks
  • ·        After touching a listed high contact location
  • ·        After sneezing, coughing or nose blowing
  • ·        After touching their face or hair
  • ·        After using the washroom
  • ·        After touching personal phones


High Touch Locations: High touch surfaces are sanitized every day at end of the work. 

·        Laboratory workers are responsible for sanitizing their own work benches and after use of equipment

·        The general sanitization will be performed by a single individual


PPE usage: A mask must be worn at lab workbenches, computer desks and in the centrifuge room if there is more than one person at a time in these areas, or in any situation that a physical distance of 2 meters is difficult to maintain.

We are committed to adapting and changing protocols as required

Our staff is constantly monitoring the workplace to ensure that COVID-19 policies are being followed. Any issues will be brought forward to WorkSafe BC and will be addressed accordingly.